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Firearm Offenses Attorney in York, Pennsylvania

While any criminal charge can be detrimental to your personal freedoms, a charge that includes a firearm can come with much heavier consequences. In some cases, a weapon or firearms offense can be all it takes to face a felony charge that could lead to jail time or cause you to lose your right to ever carry a firearm again. Only an experienced weapons attorney in York, PA., who knows Pennsylvania’s complex gun laws can advise you on the proper steps you should take.

Effective Criminal Defense

Common Gun Law Offenses in Pennsylvania

Whether you carry a firearm for self-defense or you illegally had a gun in your possession knowingly or unknowingly, there are laws that can protect you.

Because Pennsylvania’s laws cover a wide range of weapon and firearm offenses, it’s important to know the different accusations you could be facing. Some of the most common charges include:

  • Person not to possess a firearm

This charge means a person found with a firearm was disqualified from legally being able to carry a firearm. Sometimes a person is disqualified from carrying a firearm because of a prior offense, such as DUI, someone who is the active subject in a protection from abuse order or someone who is a fugitive of justice. Depending on the circumstances, someone charged with person not to possess a firearm could face a charge grading as low as a misdemeanor of the third degree or as high as a felony of the second degree.

  • Carrying a firearm without a license

Someone charged with carrying a firearm without a license was found with a concealed firearm without a valid concealed carry permit or license. Someone who was already disqualified from legally carrying a firearm could face a felony offense under this charge. A person who is otherwise eligible for a permit but failed to obtain one will usually face a misdemeanor offense. The use of a firearm in the commission of a crime also exposes an individual to increased penalties under the Pennsylvania Sentencing Guidelines.

Know Your Gun Rights

The laws about the possession and use of a gun can be complicated, even though it's your 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

If you have been arrested and are facing a gun-related charge or if you have been denied your right to obtain a permit, contact a York, PA., defense lawyer who can help you navigate the law and protect your freedoms.

An experienced gun and firearm attorney can help you learn when you’re permitted to carry a concealed weapon, if or how it can be transported, and when you’re justified in using a firearm for self-defense. A firearms attorney also can help you understand the expanding regulations surrounding the castle doctrine and the "stand your ground" law.

If you had a firearm in your possession and you were not legally permitted to do so, there are other defense strategies an attorney can examine, such as if the police had probable cause to search your person, vehicle, or home and seize your property. An experienced attorney can find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and help you maintain your freedom.

Call an Experienced Weapons and Firearms Attorney

With years of experience fighting for client freedoms, the attorneys at Korey Leslie Attorney-at-Law can help you restore your rights to carry a firearm or help you fight charges related to misuse of a firearm. Having an experienced gun attorney on your side can give you the peace of mind to understand the steps of your case and your legal rights to carry a gun. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.