Criminal Law

Assault Charges

If you have been accused of assault, you need a Pennsylvania defense attorney who can help you understand your rights under the law.... Read More

Drug Crimes

A drug-related conviction could change your life forever. Something as small as possession of marijuana to possession with intent to deliver... Read More


Driving under the influence (DUI) can be a serious offense that comes with life-changing consequences, whether it’s related to alcohol, drugs or a controlled substance.... Read More

Internet Crimes

The Internet has drastically changed society in recent years. While it’s a wonderful tool for communication and education, regulations on how the Internet is used can sometimes cause the innocent to get caught up in a legal mess.... Read More


There might not be anything more heart stopping than hearing you’re under investigation for or have been accused of murder.... Read More

Sex Crimes

Being accused of a sexual offense in Pennsylvania can be enough to ruin your reputation, make it challenging to get a job or distance you from society.... Read More

Theft and Fraud

Theft and fraud charges in Pennsylvania can come with serious consequences. Whether you were in the wrong place at the wrong time or you made a mistake in the spur of the moment... Read More

Traffic violations

A traffic ticket might seem like a small headache, but you could face losing your driver’s license if enough points add up after multiple traffic violations.... Read More

Underage Drinking

Whether you’re a young adult who is still under the legal drinking age of 21 or your child is facing an underage drinking citation, a York, Pa.... Read More

Weapon and firearm offenses

While any criminal charge can be detrimental to your personal freedoms, a charge that includes a firearm can come with much heavier consequences.... Read More